Solidoodle Workbench
Ships in 3-4 Weeks

The Solidoodle Workbench is our exciting new dual extruder printer with a 12" x 12" x 12" build capacity. It’s open-frame design will allow you to tinker and work on your machine. The Solidoodle Workbench is ideal for the enthusiastic maker.

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*** Limited Quanity Available ***

The Solidoodle Workbench is our largest and most advanced printer. With a dual extruder, massive build volume, and open frame, this printer is made for the maker. 

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Warranty: All printers come with a limited warranty.

SoliCare: For coverage above and beyond our standard warranty, SoliCare covers any defects or malfunctions in your new Solidoodle Press printer shipped within the United States for one year after it ships to you, whether due to manufacturing, shipping, normal wear and tear, or accident. Just $179.

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Standard Features:
• Creates plastic parts up to 12" x 12" x 12"
• Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS/PLA)
• Heated Build Platform with glass bed
• Dual extruder
• Resolution up to .1mm
• 21" x 19.6" x 18.8" footprint (L x W x H)
• SoliTouch Technology - no manual calibration
• Weight - 30 lbs
• On/Off Power Switch
• Internal 320w power supply


• New SoliPrint software
• Able to print .STL files
• Windows, Mac, & Linux compatible

What's in the box?
• Solidoodle Workbench
• Starter filament
• Power supply
• USB Cable
• Tool kit

Assembled in Broooklyn